DIY Bathroom Renovations vs. Professional Contractors

Tearing down some areas to upgrade them sounds like an exciting experience, which is why most homeowners tend to think that they can renovate almost any part of the house without help. They aren't entirely wrong as they have tons of resources on the internet to research and learn renovation skills. However, some tasks are better handled by professionals as they have the needed skills and knowledge. DIY Bathroom Renovations

Chemical Dosing Tips for Sewer Treatment Plants

If you run a sewer treatment plant or any other type of sewer treatment facility, you need the right chemical dosing solutions to help purify your water. The exact solutions you need vary based on the size of your facility, but in general, you should keep the following tips and ideas in mind. Make Sure You Have a Back Up Even with a small sewer treatment plant, you have to keep constantly cleaning the water.

Two steps that you can take to maintain sanitary conditions in your cafe

If you run a cafe, it is extremely important to ensure that you keep your premises clean and sanitary at all time. Here are two ways to do this. Hire multiple skip bins Cafes tend to generate a substantial amount of refuse on a daily basis, in the form of food waste, food wrappers and supply packaging. If you don't have enough space in your skip bins to store this refuse, you could find yourself dealing with several serious sanitation problems.

How to Keep Water in Your Rainwater Tank Safe and Clean

A rainwater tank can be a good choice for collecting water you might use for watering the garden or lawn, or even for watering chickens and other livestock. You can also use rainwater for everyday chores like washing the car or your dogs. Even if you don't plan on using that stored water for drinking, you still want to keep it clean and free of algae, bacteria and other such contaminants that could harm your garden or irritate your pet or leave marks and build-up on your car.

Want to Spot Septic Tank Problems? Ask Your Lawn

Many rural properties away from towns and cities are equipped with septic tanks, since connecting these properties to communal sewer systems is impractical. For the most part, you won't even know the difference, and the system should handle your waste just as well as a large sewer. The trouble is, when something goes wrong, it's on you to get it fixed, or you'll face some potentially nasty consequences. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to tell when a problem is developing until it becomes bad enough to create unpleasant smells or backed-up drains.